Sunday, February 20, 2011

Prairie Patch's First Ever Link Party!

I haven't seen a link party which is devoted to showing off people's prims, so I decided to make one. Today - and for the next several days - I'll be having the Prairie Patch's first ever perfectly prim link party. It's my plan to do this on a weekly basis, though the first party will last a little longer. Following week's may have specific themes, but this first one will be anything you want to show off that's prim-related.

This will be a great way for those of you who are artisans of handmade teddy bears and raggedies to show off your prims. It's also a great way for those who are teddy bear and raggedy doll collectors to see some great eye candy - whether it be related to teddy bears or raggedy dolls.

Eventually I'd like to have a link party here, connecting all of you amazing artisans with collectors who like to show off their handmade teddy bears and raggedies. Stay tuned!

So let's have some fun!!
Prairie Patch

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